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Season1 Fixtures

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1Season1 Fixtures Empty Season1 Fixtures Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:33 am


The season will be starting on the 18th of August. Season 1 will last for 5 weeks.

Week 1

Haxball FC v Tiger untied - saturday 18th august 7PM
Donz FC v axeball-rebels - saturday 18th august 7:30PM
L.dragos v HT Oilers - saturday 18th august 8PM

axeball-rebels v Tiger untied - Tuesday 21th august 6.30
Donz FC v L.dragos – Tuesday 21th august 7PM
HT Oilers v Haxball FC Tuesday - 21th august 7.15PM

Week 2

L.dragos v axeball-rebels – Saturday 25st august 7PM
Haxball FC v Donz FC – Saturday 25st august 7:30PM
Tiger untied v HT Oilers – Saturday 25st august 8PM

Donz FC v Tiger untied - Tuesday 28th august 6PM
L.dragos v Haxball FC - Tuesday 28th august 7PM
axeball-rebels v HT Oilers – Tuesday 28th august 7.15PM

Week 3

Tiger untied v L.dragos – Saturday 31th august 7PM
Haxball FC v axeball-rebels - Saturday 31th august 7:30PM
HT Oilers v Donz FC - Saturday 31th august 8PM

L.dragos v Tiger untied - Tuesday 3st September 6PM
axeball-rebels v Haxball FC - Tuesday 3st September 7PM
Donz FC v HT Oilers – Tuesday 3st September 7.15PM

Week 4

Haxball FC v L.dragos – Saturday 7th September 7PM
Tiger untied v Donz FC – Saturday 7th September 7:30PM
HT Oilers v axeball-rebels – Saturday 7th September 8PM

axeball-rebels v L.dragos - Tuesday 10th September 6PM
Donz FC v Haxball FC - Tuesday 10th September 7PM
HT Oilers v Tiger untied – Tuesday 10th September 7.15PM

Week 5

L.dragos v Donz FC – Saturday September 7PM
Haxball FC v HT Oilers – Saturday 14th September 7:30PM
Tiger untied v axeball-rebels – Saturday 14th September 8PM

axeball-rebels v Donz FC - Tuesday 13th September 6PM
Tiger untied v Haxball FC – Tuesday 13th September 7PM
HT Oilers v L.dragos - Tuesday 13th September 7.15PM


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