Welcome to playhax, enjoy your stay.

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Welcome to playhax, enjoy your stay.

WE HAVE NOW MOVED TO http://haxball-universe.forumotion.co.uk/

Every members that signed up please post in drafts sign ups and captain application if you want to play in season1.Please come on chatbox daily.
Haxball FC(Bяєєєzу™️),Donz FC( fgvbg),L.dragos(raimon),HT Oilers(dkland), Axeball Rebels(ZOFF),Tiger untied(xavi)
Congratulation DEVASTATOR10(Haxball FC),a.gilardino(Donz FC),Feyenoord#1(L.dragos),[PRo Deck](HT Oilers),kuba 8(Axeball Rebels),Mario123(Tiger untied),HaxxPlayer(Tiger untied),™️AntyRipper[PL]( Donz FC),мєѕѕι #Ιθ™️(L.dragos)Kagwaa(HT Oilers),Stiga - Deadly(Axeball Rebels),Dreyϟ฿eatz(Haxball FC),SpArKz !(HT Oilers),JAZZY(Axeball Rebels),wild lions(L.dragos),green ribbon,KAARL(Haxball FC ),Sturridge#9(Donz FC) .Hope you lot respect your captains and play good.
The fixtures will be uploaded sortly. Thank you for you co operation.
Please post on the 1v1 tounament only 16 places are available.https://playhax.forumotion.co.uk/t43-1v1-tournament#120
Due to this there is a new rule, that ONLY applies in August 2012. If your team can't get 3 players for your fixture, but has got 2, you may get a free agent to play the fixture for you. Free agents are advised to be on chat when the fixtures are played for a chance to play.


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